Thursday, March 9, 2017

Margin of Safety Version 1

Lets fix the problem with the weapon bearing coming out. Put the bearing in an aluminum holder that maintains dimensions, and put that against the plastic to keep the same degree of shock mounting.

The bearing is held in with M4 flanged button screws. Eight of them.

It slots into the frame.
The robot uses the same dimension blades as before.
Blade down
It's flat.
Finally, this robot uses 12 mm brushless motors connected to Silver Spark 22:1 gearboxes for the drive. To control them, I made my own triple brushless control board. It's based on the STM32F3 and Allegro A4960. It was squirrelly and hard to drive, despite gyro correction in the controller.

I'm not perfect.
It then competed at Dragoncon 2015, winning first place, and a local event SLAW, also winning first place. Post event pictures follow.
Still together

Evidence of the blade pushed into the frame, but this is anticipated.

Tip is a little worn.

I fought a robot with large wheels that could crawl over this robot (though that's not hard). It was equipped with a vertical bar that hit from above.

A few knicks in the back.

Went face to face with a drum. Not bad.

The brushless motors run super hot. To solve this, I bought thick heat conductive padding for the motors. It worked great, even though the conductive padding is more rigid than the standard polyurethane rubber.

Both sides.

Brushless motors stuck on a silver spark.

Pinion appears alright?
Hub motor.

I actually go on to use this hub on quite a few other bots.

Good condition.

Stator fine.

The pieces.