Scooty Puff: Super Powered Electric Kick Scooter

The current design, v1.1.

Scooty Puff is a motorized custom-made kick scooter. My first build based on a real need, it is transporting me between my home and the train station, a 1.9 mile trip each direction, while I intern at TI in Dallas, Texas over the summer.

The stats:

Motor EMP/Turnigy C6374 200 Kv outrunner brushless DC motor
Battery Turnigy "Longpack" 6S (22.2V) 5 Ah lithium polymer
Speed 25 MPH observed
Range 4 to 6 miles
Weight Somewhere around 15 pounds
Wheels 150x50 (6"x2") pneumatic front wheel, 6"x1.5" solid Colson Performa rear wheel
Transmission Ratio 13:36
Controller Hobbyking 120A brushless car controller
Material Mostly 6061 aluminum

The original design, v1.0
The scooter almost survived the entire summer, with middle of summer maintenance to replace an exploded front wheel. Finally, it failed due to chain stretch with three days left in my internship. Redesigns back at Tech leads to the version 1.1 design.

Showing the controller (circuitry on the left) and the battery (big red thing).
Major differences include brakes, steel hub wheels, and a cupholder.

Update 11 December 2012:
Finally, after a lot of beef with flat rear tires, I switched to a solid rear wheel.

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