Final Exam: Beetleweight overhead bar combat robot

Final Exam is a three pound combat robot. Designed to be flat and have an enormous range. In actuality it has a knack for flipping itself over like the saddest turtle.

Sans front titanium wedge
When it is able spin up its oversized blade and hit the enemy before flipping itself over from the spinning blade's instability, it can do quite a bit of damage.

Sometimes it had a hat on to keep it from getting stuck upside down.

Post battle image. This robot is resilient, despite its flaws.


Weapon motor Custom 42mm brushless motor
Blade stats 13" long, 1.25" wide, 5/32" thick S7 tool steel hardened to 54 HRc
Drive Four Pololu/Sanyo micro gearmotors, 30:1, driving 18mm wheels
Battery Lithium polymer, 950 mAh, two 2S packs in series
Frame materials 7075 aluminum, Grade 5 titanium wedge face
Max weapon speed Theoretical: 9000 RPM. Actual: 6000 RPM? Stable: < 4000 RPM
Max movement speed About 2 ft/s

This robot competed in:
PA Bot Blast 2013


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