Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Painted 3D Prints

Some nonsense I've 3D printed and painted. All prints are done at 0.1 mm in ABS on a Wanhao Duplicator 6, primed with spray primer, sanded and filled with wood filler, and primed again.

Rabbit with Arms

This was a birthday gift for my mom. Painted with acrylics and matte coated.
From behind.
Progress shot 1.
Progress shot 2.
Progress shot 3.
Progress shot 4.
Rise up With Fists!!


I made this for a friend. I don't know why. Painted with acrylics and a few black dots with permanent marker.
Blending overalls with horse is weird.
oh god why
I guess you could ride it like a horse.
What future is it looking towards.

Beefy Venus de Milo

I like the idea that Venus originally had really swole arms. After final priming this was painted with a mixture of epoxy and bronze powder. The idea was to polish and age it. Polishing didn't work so well, it tended to wear through instead. But it still looks alright.
Metal looking.
Fresh from the printer.


It's one of my favorite Pokemon.
Next to an oddish cross stitch.
The larger model on the right was used for painting.
Detail on body.
Detail on leaves.