Agent Colson: Comical Combat Robot

Agent Colson is a robot built around a 6"x1.5" Colson Performa wheel. It was built as a joke. Its counterparts are colsonbot and Colson Bot.

 What were you expecting a wheel based robot to look like?

 Two more wheels on the bottom.

With the slightly more refined colsonbot at PA Bot Blast 2013.


Weapon motor Stock 2628 brushless motor (or something like that)
Wheel stats 6 x 1.5 Colson Performa
Drive Two Pololu/Sanyo micro gearmotors, 10:1, driving 20mm wheels
Battery Lithium polymer, 850 mAh, one 2S pack
Frame materials 7075 aluminum, 0.081" thick plate
Max wheel speed Measured to be 3600 RPM. Any further power just vibrates it more
Max movement speed About 5 ft/s

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