HAM robots: HAM, HAMster Ball, HAM Slicer

These robots fall in the assbot category. They are made of spare and scrap parts, completed as soon before the competition as possible, and use as few fasteners as possible. The first assbot was meltybutt.


The original HAM assbot. Nearly uncontrollably fast. Barely in the beetleweight category.

HAMster Ball

Originally supposed to be a sphere, but I got tired of cutting foam. Self-righting, like a buoy. Contains almost two pounds of steel in its base. Also a beetleweight.

HAM Slicer

Overhead karate-chopping insanity. Actually came in second place in beetleweights at Dragoncon 2014.

Honeybaked HAM

Had too much to live up to, following HAM slicer. Competed in Motorama 2015.

Space HAM

Contains no wheels. Competed in Dragoncon 2015 and Combots Cup 2015.

Hoover HAM

Actually Exit Sign Bot as built by D. H. and M. C. Competed in Motorama 2016.

HAM Knife

This was my first antweight. It was kinda poopy. Competed in Robot Fight Night 2016.

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