Monday, December 11, 2017

Welding Practice Kart

This is a simple electric go kart I decided to build in 2015-2016 because I wanted welding practice. There isn't too much work done into car kinematics, since even a sloppy driving go kart is fun. The external dimensions are constrained by what fits in the trunk of my car after mind disassembly. The kart went from design to finished over the course of eight months working on and off.
Final CAD model
Trying to work out how long to make it.
I used a comically oversized brushless motor (Motenergy ME4201) with a very capable motor controller (Kelly KLS7218S), then connected it to three low current (but high capacity) batteries (14 V, 47 A-h lithium ion). The batteries were free, so there's that. 
Test fitting frame pieces. All made of 1/8" wall 1" square tube for ease of fabrication.
Making steering knuckles.
First welds. Because I'm a masochist I decided to TIG everything.
Seat and motor mount.
Steering knuckles and brake disks.
Rolling chassis.
Pretty alright welds.
Welds that could use some work.
Rolling with steering.
Wiring done. Crimped connections are so nice.
Done. Note the individually controlled front brakes. If you're a hotshot you can do brake vectoring.
Flat packed so it can barely fit in my car