Modular combat robots: Dinner Time, Margin of Safety 4+

This series of three pound combat robots feature field swappable weapon attachments. This allows matching the weapon type to the opponent.

Dinner Time

Dinner Time with its three attachments.
Dinner Time was the first modular robot I made, with three different attachments. There was an undercutter, for use against drum types, certain types of wedges, and overhead bars. A vertical spinner is used for most wedge type robots, including vertical spinning weapons with feeder wedge. Finally, an elevated horizontal spinner (over-undercutter) is used against mid-cutters and undercutters. This robot competed in Motorama 2017, winning first place.
The "over-undercutter".

Margin of Safety 4

Margin of Safety 4 with undercutter.
Margin of Safety 4 with vertical spinner.
For continuity the Margin of Safety name was restored. This one features a full 3D printed frame and connectorized attachments. Modules could be swapped in 30 seconds, allowing races with other modular robots on who gets the weapon type advantage. The over-undercutter attachment was put on hold due to weight issues. This one won Dragoncon 2017 and Dragoncon's Tea Cup Racers.
In tea serving form.

Margin of Safety 4 upgraded

The vertical weapon was redesigned and a new "horizontal drum" attachment made for Sparkfun AVC 2017. It won first place.
With horizontal drum attachment.
All available attachments. The new horizontal and vertical drums are shown without hardened drum installed.